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The Story Behind Innovana3D’s Inception

The idea behind Innovana3D started to take root as our team was trying to solve the problems we faced as a small additive manufacturing service provider ourselves.

Our team used to provide 3D printing services via 3D Hubs (now Hubs) when it was a community-based 3D printing service platform. We were primarily serving clients in the New York City area.

However, in 2018 3D Hubs decided to change its business model in which it shunned its platform for small 3D printing service providers like ourselves in favor of high-end manufacturing partners with large operating capital and advanced equipment.

That move by 3D Hubs basically killed our 3D printing service operations.

Our team’s focus was always on providing a great customer experience. 3D Hubs platform allowed us to do that at the time. After we were forced out of 3D Hubs platform, we were scrambling to figure out a way to provide our customers an easy to use web portal to upload files, provide 3D preview of uploaded files, instant quotes, and effectively communicate order status updates to the customers.

The idea was to provide tools for manufacturing service providers that will allow them to focus more on their core competencies - that is making high quality parts. Our easy-to-use solution will take care of the tedious tasks associated with the manufacturing business and at the same time provide an amazing customer experience to their clients.

So, we took up on ourselves to build such a platform and that is how the development of Innovana3D began.

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Innovana3D is a Dixit Systems product.

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