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Why Manufacturing Service Providers Are Selecting Innovana3D?

Running an Additive Manufacturing Service Bureau or a Job Shop is no easy feat.

Innovana3D assists by offering you peace of mind, boost sales of your manufacturing business, drive up customer trust and satisfaction, and helps you attain operational excellence.

Boost Your Revenue

Innovana3D's modern manufacturing platform is designed to help you get more business.

Delight Your Clients

Get the tools to acquire new customers and develop strong relationships with existing ones.

Easy Integration

Innovana3D easily integrates with your own website, ERP, CRM, and Accounting Software.

Peace Of Mind

Create peace of mind for yourself by having access to your business data anytime on any device.

Enhanced Data Security

Gain customer trust with enhanced data security such as ITAR compliance and hosting data on AWS GovCloud.

Reduces Errors

Reduces errors in orders by facilitating effective internal communication amongst cross-functional teams.

Access your business data on any device at any time

Innovana3D easily integrates with your own website and effectively digitizes your front office with its geometric quoting engine and order management solution.

Create peace of mind for yourself with Innovana3D's cloud-based solution which ensures that all of your critical business data such as 3D/2D CAD files, RFQs, and orders can be accessed from any location on any device.

Boost your revenue by offering swift ordering process

By developing a digitized front office and customer-centric manufacturing service using Innovana3D, you are investing in improving the customer experience when they request parts from your manufacturing service. Your customers will not have to wait for 2-3 business days to get the quotation for the parts. Increased customer satisfaction converts into repeat orders and sales, improving credibility as well as revenue of the company.

Gain customer trust with enhanced Data Security

A recent report IBM shows that manufacturing is now the most targeted industry by cyber-attackers. On-premise servers in the manufacturing facility which are not updated and maintained are an easy target for cyber-criminals.

Innovana3D‘s cloud based solution offers ability to provide ITAR compliance and hosting data on AWS GovCloud providing best in class cyber-security.

Reduce errors with effective internal communication

Innovana3D ensures that the communication related to CAD files, materials, cost, and post-processing is communicated without any error by the front office to engineering, production, and sales departments keeping everyone in sync.

The digital-thread reduces the chances of human errors and makes communication between the front office and the production clear and precise.

Improved decision-making for your customers

Innovana3D provides a one-of-a-kind Additive Manufacturing Material Database, which helps the customer to make material selection decisions. It features over sixty different materials and new materials are added on a regular basis.

The database provides customers with information on mechanical properties, applications, cost, available colors and finishes for each materials and more. This feature allows for inbound marketing and ensures that customers get the correct engineering information for part production, further reducing chances of errors in the orders.

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